Aug - 22 2017

London is one of my favorite cities. Being such a small place but having such a large population, many marketing events are held there. I have been to over 3 conferences the past few months where the location has been held in central London. The British are quite amazing when it comes to marketing, and […]

Aug - 11 2017

This is a rather expensive wireless mouse that boasts speed and precision response as good as that of a wired mouse, thanks to the full-speed, bidirectional USB connection.  The mouse is well designed ergonomically and is generally very comfortable for gaming and other uses. It glides smoothly on polytetrafluoroethylene feet. It’s durable and solid, although […]

Jul - 30 2017

The Philips Norelco G370 /60 Multi Grooming Kit is the Cadillac of men’s grooming. It is not just a beard shaver and trimmer, nor is it merely a ear and nose trimer. It’s an all in one grooming solution, and a sturdy one at that. What’s the Philips Norelco G370 s all about? The Philips […]

May - 27 2010

This is the blog that I hoped I’d never have to write. Neither of us got to stand on top of Everest, and at first glance one might deem the expedition and the months of preparations a failure. Despite the massive disappointment of not having achieved our ultimate goal, and the fact that we were […]

May - 27 2010

To climb everest one needs 3 aspects: 1.physical capability 2.sufficient will power 3. Adequate support / luck In our case we had the first two covered but sadly when it mattered most on summit day for factors outside our own control we lacked on the third. From the start we talked about doing Everest in […]

May - 27 2010

Throughout the day the other team members made their way back to the safety and relative luxury of ABC. Stories of the summit evening were readily told back in the warm. It quickly transpired that there were quite a few incidents; be them organisational, communication or otherwise that negatively contributed to our low level of […]

May - 27 2010

Having brewed up as much as possible at the high altitude where 1 litre takes two hours and sorting out ones kit to go we set off at 2230 into the cold and dark. On reflection, no one appeared to orchestrate leaving or indeed if there were any accompanying Sherpas. It was mainly a steep slope […]