The Challenge

This is a non-guided professionally led expedition for ‘experienced mountaineers’ who want to work as part of a team to tackle the original Mallory and Irvine route from the ‘Rongbuk glacier’.

The expedition in total takes 73 days including establishing base camp, intermediate camp and advanced base camp (6,400m) and then consecutive acclimatisation and pre-prositioning stages at camps 1,2,3 and 4 (8,200m).

Summit day starts at around 0200 from camp 4.  Summit target time is 1100 which incorporates two technical difficulties, the famous first and second steps and with these timings, one hopes to make it back to camp 4 by 1600.  However, the altitude is still perilous and thus one is forced to descend out of the ‘Death Zone’ and back to relative safety as soon as possible.

Prior to Everest, Keith and Josh spent 2 weeks in the Alps developing their technical skills.  Keith then deployed on operations to Afghanistan.  Josh started work in London for PwC, both of whom fitted in the training around their work commitments. They used Acongagua (the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas) in February as the dress rehearsal for the main event.